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SINCE 1975

In 1975, Whatcom Water District #13 was established by a vote of the local community to serve the recreational development of Peaceful Valley. Since that time, this area has been evolving into a full time residential community, and the District has likewise evolved to provide both water and wastewater (sewer) service to homeowners throughout the Peaceful Valley and Maple Falls, Washington area. 

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Shortly after we were established, the original developer of Peaceful Valley went bankrupt and left the District in a severe financial crisis. For several years the District was involved in bankruptcy and associated legal proceedings.


In September 1998, a reorganization plan was approved by the court, and the District was able to satisfy all of its bankruptcy-related financial obligations. The District is now in sound financial shape.


From our earliest days of operation, the District has proactively planned for increased growth. From 1975 until the early 2000s, there were no major changes to the system. In June 2003, a new well was installed and brought online to position us to meet future demands. In 2011, the District replaced eight water valves throughout the system. In 2014, both reservoirs were cleaned and minor repairs were completed. Backflow preventers were added at our Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Green Valley Lift Station in 2014, and a new commodity water rate structure was adopted in 2019.

Our Mission


Whatcom County Water District is committed to protecting the environment and the natural habitat while supplying pristine water and reliable wastewater services to our customers. 

Glasses of Water


Our Board is comprised of five publicly-elected Commissioners, each serving a 6-year term.

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Robert Vandenhaak

Board President

Term: through 2027

Richard Whitson

Board Secretary /  Auditing Officer; Term: through 2025

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Talitha Shiroma


Term: through 2025

Rebecca 10-30-16 med2.jpg
Rebecca Cayen


Term: through 2029

Anthony Au summer 2_edited_edited_edited.png
Anthony Au


Term: through 2027

In Memoriam

Our ongoing gratitude to Phil Cloward for his years of dedication and service.


Our hearts go out to the family of Jackque Fowler as we announce her passing on      March 28, 2023.



Nicolas Duran.jpg
Nicolas Duran

District Operator

Carson Cothren.jpg
Carson Cothren

District Operator

Cheryl Thompson

Office Manager

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